NextGen EHR Consultants / NextGen EHR/EMR Template Consulting by ggXTech Tailored Nextgen Templates

The most powerful aspect of the NextGen Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is the ability for NextGen users to customize and/or create new templates. ggXTech specializes in developing custom templates from concept through implementation as well as making major and/or minor template modifications to existing KBM or client built templates.

ggXTech works both onsite and via remote WebEx sessions as needed to provide cost effective template development.

Frequent upgrades of the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software Knowledge Base Model (KBM) require users to carefully plan their KBM template modifications to ensure the modifications can be incorporated into future KBM releases. If great care is not taken when upgrading to a new NextGen KBM version, customizations to the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software KBM templates will be overwritten and lost. ggXTech has a broad variety of experience helping clients modify NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR KBM templates while ensuring a managable upgrade path to new NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR KBM versions.

The NextGen Electronic Health Record (EMR) software SQL database has upwards of 3000 tables. This combined with the numerous and complex table relationships make it challenging to be sure data is entered into the correct tables when templates are developed and/or customized.  ggXTech has thorough knowledge of the structure of the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software SQL database. ggXTech custom templates and template modifications locate data in the correct SQL table(s) and data fields.

ggXTech templates rely heavily on SQL stored procedures and user defined functions to provide increased template functionality with decreased development time and cost.  ggXTech takes advantage of the NextGen template editor as well as ggXTech proprietary SQL tools to eliminate the need for manually building the hundreds of "triggers" which are the heart of many complex templates. The ggXTech template building/modification process results in finely tailored templates which are "clean" (ie no unnecessary fields and/or triggers), fast, functional and cost effective.

Customized or "one-off" ggXTech templates take advantage of all the newest NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software capabilities including system templates; stored procedure driven dbPickLists; data grids; and, template variables. ggXTech has literally developed and or modified hundreds of templates over the past several years for clients. Some examples of the "types" of templates ggXTech has developed and or customized for clients include:

  • patient procedures
  • disease management
  • preventative health
  • lab ordering /searching / ask order entry


  • diabetes flowsheet
  • coumadin flowsheet
  • critical lab value management
  • referral management