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GoodGuy Technologies (ggXTech) is an independent consulting company specializing in helping clients with their database design, reporting and application requirements both onsite and via remote WebEx “links” to client facilities. Since 2003 ggXTech has specialized in providing consulting services to administrators and end users of the Nextgen Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR) software. A brief description of ggXTech's principals Maryellen Kinhan and Dr. Clifford Cox is provided below.

ggXTech principal Maryellen Kinhan has worked exclusively since 2003 helping clients implement and customize their NextGen Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. Maryellen has extensive experience in workflow, template development and customization, end user training, template developer training, and sophisticated reporting from the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR's MS-SQL database. Her clinical background (RN) and administrative/operational experience (Director of a Woman’s Health Center; CPA) provide her with the broad knowledge and experience necessary to provide clients with detailed workable solutions to technical and operational problems. Her “hands on” template development skills and expert knowledge and understanding of the complex NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software's MS-SQL database allow her to quickly and efficiently analyze and solve the most complex NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software user issues.

ggXTech principal Dr. Clifford Cox (Ph.D. Statistics and MBA) has more than 25 years of database design, implementation and reporting experience. Since 2004 he has worked with ggXTech in the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software's MS-SQL database environment, writing custom SQL scripts, custom stored procedures and providing general SQL database consulting. He has developed web based “front ends” as well as .NET based Windows applications which link to the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software's database. He has also developed a variety of windows based, web based and SQL based tools to quickly identify client database issues (i.e., bad conditions; missing fields etc) that are used daily by ggXTech to help resolve client issues efficiently and effectively.


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